Our Approach

Caring for the Right Reasons

My family decided 50 years ago to help and care for elderly and special needs residents.  From our home on 600 East Grand Blvd in 1970, to Rosedale Park, to The Barrett Regency home in Rochester today, my mother and father dedicated their lives to caring for people and passed on that same value.  My father, George Barrett as an anesthesiologist opened the first Barrett Home in 1970 and cared for over 20 elderly handicapped in a 16 bedroom house.  Mom worked as a nurse aid and sought to the needs of the residents around the clock.  Today, with nearly 30 years of nursing experience working in Level II Trauma and E.R. Medicine, with 5 different hospitals in the metro Detroit area, I decided to follow the values handed down to me and once again give back that love and personal care to others in need.


Our Guiding Principles: 

  • Encouraging the personal development of residents, on an individual basis
  • Maximizing the resident’s dignity, autonomy, privacy, socialization, independence, choice, and safety
  • Supporting lifestyles that promote health and fitness
  • Promoting family and community involvement
  • Developing positive relationships among residents, staff, families, and the community.

Our Story